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bonnie bodacious

From the Courtroom to the Cabaret, an Ecdysiast's Journey

Are you ready to live bodaciously?


Atlanta’s own buxom, brazen, burlesque badass Bonnie Bodacious has written the book on how she found her way back to delight in her own body, in the midst of middle age no less! Shedding the scripts of others she forged a new path, remembering that it is her birthright, as it is yours, to take up space without apology.



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Are you feeling miscast in your life? Are you afraid to break out of the box and go off-script? Shannon Alexander’s Bonnie Bodacious: From the Courtroom to the Cabaret, an Ecdysiast’s Journey will inspire and empower you to claim yourself and live out loud.

In this powerful and poignant memoir, Shannon shares her journey of rediscovering herself and finding joy and adventure again after her mother’s diagnosis of early-onset dementia. She urges women in the “squeeze” years between raising children and caring for aging parents to return to their own dreams and strip down to their true selves. With urgency and inspiration, Shannon shares how she occupied her body, thereby claiming herself and all the power and promise she’d buried decades earlier.

In the spirit of Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love and Glennon Doyle’s Untamed, Bonnie Bodacious is a call to action for women to embrace their unique paths and live out their dreams, whether or not they make sense to others. Confronting her mother’s diagnosis, and the potential implications for her own future, Shannon reoriented her life around the things that made her heart sing, and stopped listening to the shame inside her head, which kept her chained to the grind.

Gradually, but with the occasional giddiness of epiphany, she found ways to maintain her responsibilities, while releasing her heart to soar. At first it was scary to step back from being a family law litigator, but ultimately that career path did not fulfill her long-term purpose to embody joy and pleasure and art. Shannon’s journey included nudist vacations with her husband, rediscovering the joy of moving her body in a surprisingly supportive boot camp, and becoming the titular burlesque dancer, Bonnie Bodacious, “Atlanta’s own buxom, brazen, bisexual, burlesque badass.”

Bonnie Bodacious is a must-read for anyone seeking inspiration or motivation, and her memoir is a reminder that it’s never too late to reclaim yourself and live bodaciously!

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