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A Bodacious Book Launch!

Are you feeling miscast in your life? Are you afraid to break out of the box and go off-script? Shannon Alexander’s Bonnie Bodacious: From the Courtroom to the Cabaret, an Ecdysiast’s Journey will inspire and empower you to claim yourself and live out loud.


Come celebrate the launch of my book with me! There will be some burlesque (because of course), some shenanigans, a reading, a Q&A session, some fantastic finger foods, a bar, and the possibility of a spontaneous dance party!



Join us in this inspiring episode as we delve into the fascinating life journey of Shannon Alexander, a multi-talented individual who has fearlessly embraced diverse passions. Shannon, an author, attorney, business owner, and burlesque performer, shares her empowering story of transitioning from one career to another.

From her early plans to become a therapist, Shannon's life took unexpected turns, leading her to work in the juvenile court system and eventually specialize in family law. However, her path continued to evolve when she acquired a printing business with her husband, sparking her entrepreneurial spirit.

Discover how a life-changing experience at a burlesque show opened Shannon's eyes to the power of self-expression and body positivity. Inspired by the performers' confidence and diversity, she embarked on her own burlesque journey, breaking free from societal expectations.

As Shannon celebrates her 50s, she reflects on the freedom of being true to herself and living life to the fullest. Gratitude and self-acceptance have been constant companions on her path of personal growth, and she encourages others to embrace their uniqueness.

Intrigued by multi-generational friendships within the burlesque community, Shannon cherishes connections with performers from different ages and backgrounds. Her life motto is to seize the moment and continuously push her comfort zone, believing that life is a precious opportunity.

Her book Bonnie Bodacious, From the Courtroom to the Cabaret, an Ecdysiast's Journey launches on July 28, 2023!  It is a powerful call to action. In it Shannon shareds her journey of rediscovering herself and finding joy and adventure again after her mother's diagnosis of early-onset dimentia. Shannon's story is an empowering testament to embracing passions and living life authentically.

Tune in to hear more about Shannon's unique journey, her experiences in burlesque, and her inspiring message of self-acceptance and body positivity. Let her story inspire you to embrace life's passions and create your path to empowerment.

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